Agnès Ferla is from Montreux, Switzerland. After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at ECAL (University of Arts in Lausanne) in 2011, she moves in San Francisco where she works on the exhibition of When Attitudes became Form become Attitudes by Jens Hoffman at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts and organizes in parallel the collective exhibition Fight or Flight.
In 2013 she completes her Master’s degree at ECAL and co-founded the artist-running space: La Sas, where she’s involved in the design of numerous exhibitions of young artists from the Lausanne art scene.
She participates in exhibitions: Practicalities at the Basis Art Gallery in Frankfurt, with curators Stéphanie Moisdon and Willem de Rooij,
De la vacance aux communes réunies of Fabrice Gygi, within the Valais Art Triennale in 2014, E vennessi a posar nel mio pensero by Federico Nicolao with Lourdes Castro, Tacita Dean, Philippe Decrauzat and Koo Jeong-A at Happy Baby Gallery, Crissier, May 2016.
A personal exhibition take place in January 2017 in La Placette,
Art Space in Lausanne.
From January to June 2017 she benefits from the Art residency of the swiss canton Vaud in the International City of The Arts in Paris where she works in collaboration with pianist and composer Justin Kauflin.
HIT, L, duo Show, Genève, Suisse
Silicon Malley, Terrasse 2017, group show, Prilly-Malley, Suisse
Cité Internationale des Arts, BLURRY CAST, solo show, Paris, France
Résidence atelier vaudois, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France
Pazioli, group show, Lausanne, Suisse
La Placette, solo show, Lausanne, Suisse
Exposition itinérante avec le collectif 8 février, group show à:
Fondazione La Raia, Gavi
The View Studio, Genova
Casa Due, Sorano
Radio Arte Mobile, Roma, Monterano
Museo Diocesano, Montalcino
Atelier Linda Nagler, Milano, Italia
Participation à l'exposition, E venessi a posar nel mio pensiero,
avec Lourdes Castro, Tacita Dean, Philippe Decrauzat, Koo Jeong,
à A Happy Baby Gallery, Lausanne, Suisse
Artist-run space, GUESS, Emanuele Marcuccio, La Sas, Lausanne, Suisse
Artist-run space, STATS, Grégoire Bolay, La Sas, Lausanne, Suisse
Artist-run space, Naevus, Jessica Russ, La Sas, Lausanne, Suisse
Participation à l'exposition, De la Vacance aux Communes-Réunies, Fabrice Gygi
Triennale d'Art du Valais, Manoir de la ville de Martigny, Suisse
Artist-run space, Safran Bâtard, Marine Julié et Fabrice Gygi, La Sas, Lausanne, Suisse
Artist-run space, Retroplanning, Jasmin Ayling et Andreas Hochuli, La Sas, Lausanne
Participation à l'exposition, Practicalities ou La vie matérielle, Basis, Francfort, Allemagne
Artist-run space, Concert des Ginettes Carton, La Sas, Lausanne, Suisse
Participation à l’exposition, Fight or Flight, Little Wood White House, San Francisco (CA), U.S.A
Stage de trois mois au WATTIS Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco, U.S.A
Participation à l’exposition, Le Retranchement, Manoir de Martigny, Suisse
Participation à l’exposition, Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten, Helmhaus Zürich, Suisse
Master of Art, ECAL, European Art Ensemble dirigé par Stéphanie Moisdon, Lausanne, Suisse
Artistes: Valentin Carron, Sylvie Fleury, Fabrice Gygi
Séminaires: Vincent Normand, Julien Fronsacq
Projets de recherches: Vertige des correspondances, Atrocity
Exhibition, Circuit, Lausanne, Suisse
Participation à l’exposition, Docks Art Fair, Consulat Helvétique à Lyon, France
Exposition individuelle, High Tensions’Wall, ZQM, Zwanzigquadratmeter Berlin, Deutschland
Bachelor of Art, Arts Visuels, ECAL, Lausanne, Suisse
Jacques Bonnard, Francis Baudevin, Pierre Vadi, Philippe Decrauzat